Services for trail runners

Car Parking, road closures and traffic

Community event signs will be erected to slow down traffic on Caves Road. Roads will be closed to Victoria Caves from 0700 to 1200, including those coming in from Langkoop and Joanna so traffic will be diverted around to Caves Road if wanting to get to the event.

Competitor Services

Hydration and Nutrition stations

Start/Finish/9km: water, fruit, lollies
17km Stoney Point: water, fruit lollies

Start/Finish: water, fruit, lollies
9km (Stoney Point): water, fruit, lollies

Start/Finish: water, fruit, lollies
You should be carrying enough of your own hydration and snacks to get you through your walk/run

Clothing and car key security

We are happy to look after a bag of clothing whilst you are out running so you have some clean clothes to get changed into after the run/hike. All clothing must be in a single bag, with name, and telephone number clearly marked and must be dropped off at the registration table. Also, you can hand your car keys to us to be looked after if you require. Please keep in mind that we hold no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

First Aid Points

A First Aid service will be available at the start/finish line.
In addition, Senior First Aiders will be roaming the course and contactable via aid stations. For emergencies please dial 000 first then immediately notify the race director 0448346527 of your situation and location.

Family Activities

To celebrate these two unique anniversaries of the Naracoorte Caves the Naracoorte World Heritage Festival and World Heritage Run will feature cultural and social activities that leverage the Caves World Heritage values and its scientific and global significance. Participants will be able to indulge in regional food and wine after taking part in the run/hike (or not), and enjoy the many social and cultural activities on offer.